“If you care anything about the future of spaceflight, you must read this exciting true story of a group of Americans and Russians who fought bureaucrats and cold war thinking to keep a cranky old space station in orbit. Manber tells his story well as he and his fellow dreamers and doers traverse the globe, determined to plant a capitalist flag aboard a communist spacecraft. Theirs is the story of the type of men and women who will eventually conquer space and turn such stodgy government agencies as NASA into historical derelicts. Highly recommended!” – Homer Hickam, author of Rocket Boys/October Sky

“The book of the month is Selling Peace by Jeffrey Manber. Manber was CEO of MirCorp, the company that leased the Russian Mir space station and sold tickets, and was thus in a position to know what was going on during the first attempts to commercialize space access.…This is a very interesting insider’s account of an important period in space commercial development.” – Jerry Pournelle – Science Ficiton Writer at Chaos Manor Reviews

“This is a unique view of behind-the-scenes dealings to realize the signing of the first contract between the Russians and NASA. The tale is one entrepreneurial spunk, conspiratorial zeal, political intrigue and barrier breaking guts… Jeffrey Manber is a gifted writer. But beyond that, he was in a front row position representing Russian space officials to major power players in Washington, D.C. The result was a business plan to lease the Russian Mir space station. As CEO for MirCorp, he paints a historical thriller, in a sense, of a Wild West collage of characters on both Russian and American shores” – Leonard David, Space Journalist of Space Coalition

“In all the ways that count, the thrilling new era of commercial spacefaring began when a scrappy start-up called MirCorp took on the status quo and turned it inside-out. No one was further inside this riveting story than Jeffrey Manber: if you want to know why and how the new space revolution began, Manber’s book is a must-read.”
– Greg Klerkx, Author of Lost in Space

“Selling Peace provides an enlightening and engaging look at the history of efforts to commercialize Russia’s space program from the viewpoint of someone at the heart of much of that effort.” – Jeff Foust, The Space Review

“Jeffrey – I look forward to your upcoming book on what can only be described as the rollercoaster ride to the stars, the difficult birth of the commercial space program. Few people know the intrigues, the scandals, the incredible river of politics surrounding the Russian and American space programs. You were there, with a front row seat in a sometimes bitter battle between space agencies.” – Dana Lewis, Fox Foreign Correspondent, Moscow

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