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Selling Peace chronicles the author’s 14 year journey to use Russian assets to strengthen the American space program. Included is the behind-the-scenes of signing Dennis Tito, working with entertainment icons like James Cameron and Mark Burnett and the electrifying ride that was MirCorp.

Selling Peace Book

Selling Peace by Jeffrey Manber

The book discusses the boycott organized by NASA to prevent MirCorp’s success and the drama behind the world’s only commercial manned expedition that sent two men to the Mir space station for over two months, with no government funding.

It is a tale of strong characters. Readers are given a front-row seat on the decade-long clash between the Russian chief Yuri Semenov and NASA’s Dan Goldin, a paradoxical battle that saw the Russians embracing American open markets and NASA clinging to the Cold War model for space exploration.

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