For the first time the inside story of Russia’s marketing of their space program to the West is chronicled by one who was there. The colorful tales are told, warts and all.

Homer Hickam

Manber tells his story well as he and his fellow dreamers and doers traverse the globe, determined to plant a capitalist flag aboard a communist spacecraft. Highly recommended!
– Homer Hickam, Author of Rocket Boys/October Sky

Jerry Pournelle

The book of the month is Selling Peace by Jeffrey Manber…This is a very interesting insider’s account of an important period in space commercial development.
– Jerry Pournelle, Science Ficiton Writer

Leonard David

Selling Peace is a tale of entrepreneurial spunk, conspiratorial zeal, political intrigue and barrier breaking guts… Jeffrey Manber is a gifted writer.
– Leonard David – Space Coalition

Dana Lewis

Few people know the intrigues, the scandals, the incredible river of politics surrounding the Russian and American space programs. You were there… in a sometimes bitter battle between space agencies.
– Dana Lewis, Fox Foreign Correspondent, Moscow

This powerful memoir is a timely exposé, as a new US administration and the public will question the next steps in foreign policy, space exploration and relations with Russia.

  • How the door to Russia’s long hidden space program was opened during the era of Soviet perestroika
  • The political struggle on the signing of the first contract between the Russians and NASA
  • The push to change space station Freedom into a cooperative venture
  • The willingness of the Russians to use free markets against the wishes of NASA
  • How the Russian space station Mir became a commercial platform

…All told in a relaxed and engaging style by the author, who is the only American ever to work within the Russian space program.

Buy Selling Peace from Amazon or read an excerpt.

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