Russian Embassy Talk

The Russian Embassy in Washington, DC invited Selling Peace author Jeffrey Manber to tell the story of his experience working with the Russian space program.

The setting was a meeting of the Zarya Forum, which brings together Russian-American students from universities all across America who are leaders in their campus Russian cultural groups.

“Though the book is still months away from being available,” explained Mr. Manber,
“it was a great opportunity to talk about lessons learned from working across cultural differences”

The one hour talk featured the Russian produced video clip on the MirCorp program, as well as the trailer from the documentary “Orphans of Apollo“.

Added Manber, “The questions from the students were first-rate and I look forward to returning to this student forum once the book is published.”

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Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 at 4:24 pm in News.

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